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沖縄マラソン5 - Okinawa Marathon


1月27日 荒川河川敷  7度 1時間走(累計 12時間) 約8キロ(累計96キロ)
1月26日 荒川河川敷  7度 1時間走(累計 11時間) 約8キロ(累計88キロ)

In English

The depature going to the States is approaching. I finished watching "24 season 2". I watched 48 stories, I am getting used to listen to English. My listening skills are getting back. When I was testing my IC recorder, I found my voice file which recorded 2 years ago in Jamaica. A meeting atomospher in school flashed back when I played, I thougt the voice was Principal's one but it was mine. I had strong Jamaican accent as it turns out, someone might think he speaks like that on purpose.

No, I was really serious.

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