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英国で奥さんが出産しました。 出生届のアポを取る。


僕のBabyが生まれた病院だと、出産に関する詳細な記録が記載されたDischarge Letterがもらえる。これは単に記録としてだけでなく証明書として有効。退院するときに、「どこどこに届けなさい」というメモをもらえたのでそこにドキドキしながら電話。僕の場合は、London Borough of Camdenだ。この国は基本的に、WEBでアポを取るということはしておらず、まずは電話をしなければ始まらない。



僕「Royal Freeです。」


僕「もちろんさ。」 以下省略


・Discharge Letter

Reference number:とアポの日付が再確認できるのがうれしいですね。

Reference number: ..............

Dear Sir,

Re: Appointment to register a birth in Camden - XX July 2011 at 11:30 AM

We are writing to confirm your appointment at the above time and date to register a birth.
If any of the above details are incorrect or if you would like to change your appointment, please call a member of the registrar's team on 020 7974 1900 as a matter of urgency.

It is important to bring the following documents to your appointment:

Birth Notification / Discharge Letter

Each parent attending the registration should bring photographic identification.
This includes a passport or a photo card driving licence. These documents will help when recording information on the baby's birth certificate, but they are not mandatory.
If you are married and you plan to register the birth on your own, you should also bring your husband/wifes's ID.

If you are unable to bring any of the above, please inform the registrar on arrival.

Fees for Birth Certificate:
On registering the birth you will receive a free short birth certificate.
Additional FULL birth certificates OR additional SHORT birth certificates will cost £3.50 each.
Full Birth Certificates are accepted universally and display the baby and parent's details.
Please note that passport offices no longer accept laminate copies of birth certificates.
Short Birth Certificates are not accepted universally and only the baby's name and date of birth is shown
Additional birth certificates should be requested during the registration and are prepared, by a member of the Registrars Team, at the time of the registration.

The appointment will take place at the Camden Town Hall, which is located at the following address:

Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

This is just off Euston Road, opposite St Pancras International station, and the nearest tube station is Kings Cross / St Pancras. Click on the following link to see a map of the location:


Camden Registrars Team

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