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UK VISAの延長手続きメモ

同僚のUK VISA延長手続きを手伝っています。UKボーダーのホームページでは初回申請と特に大きな違いはなく、申請書も同じ。

Points score
Certificate of sponsorship
Maintenance (funds)


Who can apply to extend their stay?

You can apply to extend your stay if you are already in the UK under the international agreement category and want to extend your permission to stay if you have been here for less than 24 months, which is the maximum time you are allowed to stay.
This is unless you are applying as a private servant in a diplomatic household or as an employee of an overseas government or international organisation only, where you can apply for an extension for a maximum of 12 months at a time, up to a total of 6 years.


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